Wer sind wir?

Hallo Leser,

Today we are going to tell you who are Nikolovi Kunst. Two idealists – this is how we would describe each other in one sentence. We are soul mates, friends, family and most importantly creators. We decided to set up our first website to connect with the world, with other artists, lovers of abstract art, and of art in general. The name is not accidental – it covers the common between us, namely: family and drawing. We have been together for many years, but even before we both met: Tony used to draw graphite mostly, and Sotir had devoted himself to creating beautiful digital works. Generally, our love was at first sight and at that time we did not realize how analogue and digital art could merge and achieve something wonderful together.

Im Laufe der Jahre hat jeder seinen eigenen Stil auf seine Weise entwickelt. 2016 ist etwas Interessantes passiert. Zum ersten Mal stießen wir auf yputube.com auf einen Clip, in dem eine Hand Farbgläser auf verschiedene Leinwände zeichnete und aus der Verschüttung unglaubliche Märchenbilder entstanden. Ja, ich erinnere mich daran, als wäre es gestern gewesen. Etwa 3 Monate lang haben wir das gesamte Netzwerk nach Informationen über die sogenannte „Liquid Art“ durchsucht. Wir waren uns sicher, dass sie abstrakt waren, weil jeder in jedem etwas anderes sah. Vermutlich haben wir nicht alle Details dieser verschiedenen Meisterwerke gefunden.

We experimented with acetone and paint cleaner, eggs, universal glue, window cleaner, pharmacy ricin, coconut oil, milk, turpentine, paraffin, liquid glass, and more. And yes – many unsuccessful experiments. But one turned out to be weak, not enough, with only two colors, but still there was hope. Over time, we have refined our methods. We were heating with a burner, not a hairdryer and a lighter. We did a studio (we spilled the first works in the kitchen). We started spilling together, creating and most importantly having fun. In March 2017 we had already refined our technique. We created Abstract Liquid Art. Friends started liking our paintings, asking us how much they cost. We were unprepared for this. Still, we were drawing for pleasure, not for financial gain. We started calculating the materials + some percent profit for us. And then the idea of a website was born. A place to upload our art so people, lovers, critics can even view it.
It was not difficult to choose our name – “Liquid Art”, “Abstraction”, “Surrealism” sounded somehow concretely impersonal. We did not want to frame – as society dictated. Our paintings represent us, and we are: Nikolovi Art.